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Increase your funding.
lower your operating costs. 


ABOUT sparrow data solutions

We believe in the work that small nonprofit organizations do globally, and we want them to gain

the same funding as larger, well-staffed nonprofits. 


We help by providing impactful data solutions so that nonprofits do not have to hire full-time specialists. 


We do this by helping organizations collect, process, and report their work to current and potential donors using specialized GIS tools.

These tools specialize in showing donors not only where their investments are being used but also the outcome of the work. This has been proven to not only engage more donors but also create stronger engagements as they catch the vision of the impact you are making.

We help nonprofit organizations:

  • ​See exactly where your teams have been and the outcomes of the work they're doing

  • Show donors the recipients that received donations and how their lives are being changed

  • Streamline operations allowing managers to see what has been done at a glance and receive automated reporting as needed

  • Determine when everyone has been served and see the project effectiveness

  • Tell the world why you are working so hard and showcase the fruits of your labor 

Family Farming

We created a story map for the Last Well to help share the story of their work with donors and government officials in Liberia. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 9.29.15 PM.png

We created a recipient map for The Bucket Ministry that connects their donors directly to the work that they are sponsoring.

Water Celebrations


Custom Data Collection

Automated monitoring

and evaluation

Automated Data quality control

import historical data

operational dashboard to manage your projects in real time

custom applications

story maps

Beach Cleanup
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