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The Bucket Ministry

The Bucket Ministry worked with us to create a Recipient Map that connects their donors directly to the work that they are sponsoring. This will help engage their donors and ensure transparency in their fundraising process.

“As I did more research on Sparrow’s capacity, I quickly understood the benefits of collecting data on each bucket filter recipient. Now we could capture photographs (like we had done before) and manage and distribute those digital files with almost no one chaperoning that process (more importantly me). This meant I could communicate with more donors, more regularly, in a fraction of time that it took me to do it manually. At the same time, I saw the storytelling benefits of using the data to tell donors, supporters, foundations, or anyone that would listen about the health benefits that we were documenting. From 2018 to 2019 our donation revenue doubled." - Christopher Beth, Director of The Bucket Ministry

Click "OK" then enter "demo.sponsor" to see how the map would work for a donor. Next click on the yellow dot to see information about the family.

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